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Fleck 7000 Sxt (Wst-Fmm7014T) 3 Cf Time Clock Plus Suspended Solids Filter 14" X 65"

Our Sediment filters use a multi-media bed comprised of a variety of gravel and sand to trap suspended particulate matter, such as clay and silt, which gives water a cloudy appearance

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Electrical 110V/60Hz standard all valves Clock initiated Multi-media Layered Media Bed Gravel under beddingSpecificationsCF 3Mineral Tank Size 14x65 Peak GPM 17Range GPM 3.2-11Height 77Shipping lbs 310

The result is clean, clear water

Periodic backwashing with our calendar clock control valves cleans the bed

The sediment filter filter bed facilities more thorough backwashing and prevents channeling