Columbia Ultima Access Stainless Steel Bath Chair like its sister chair, the Ultima, is designed with comfort, functionality and durability in mind. It also features a combination of comfortMesh, stainless

866.99 USD

Vita-Mix A2500 Ascent Series Blendergives a smart technology advantage when processing ingredients. Three program settings automatically detect the size of the container in use, so foods are perfectly blended according

499.95 USD

Teakworks4u ADA Wall Mount Shower Seat is made of 1-3/8 inches wide battens, spaced for comfort and drainage. All batten edges are rounded over for comfort and safety, plus the

895.99 USD

Columbia Hi-Back Positioning Commode comes with orthopedic-contoured backs that can be used freestanding or fit over any toilet. This lightweight steel frame constructed positioning commode features adjustable seat depth, back

1595.99 USD

HealthCraft Invisia 2-in-1 Corner Shelf With Integrated Grab Bar is designed with elegant modern styling. This unique design incorporates a sturdy support bar into the shelf, providing added assistance. It

236.55 USD

Bellman Visit Safe Value Pack With Smoke Detector is a reliable fire safety solution that secures your home and protects the ones you love. It will immediately wake you with

314.95 USD

Silent Call Legacy Series Shake-Up System With Bed Vibrator is a wireless, single-function system which detects smoke and then transmits a signal within a 100 foot radius and uses a

219.99 USD

A3BS Foot Skeleton Model displays important ligaments and tendons including the achilles and peroneus longus tendons of the ankle. The foot skeleton consists of the foot bone and lower portions

319.99 USD

HealthCraft P.T. Rail is the perfect toilet safety rail to provide support and comfort during transitional movements. Unlike other bathroom safety rails, the PT Rail is designed with an

379.05 USD

Healthline Ezee Life 18-Inch 4-Way Seat Aluminum Rehab Shower Commode Chair allows the seat to be mounted on the commode with the opening to the front, sides or back for

689.99 USD

HealthCraft Invisia 2-in-1 Towel Bar With Integrated Grab Bar adds a modern and elegant touch to any bathroom. The unique design disguises the grab bar feature as a luxurious bathroom

217.55 USD

Teakworks4u Wall Mount Fold Down Shower Bench with Slots mounts directly to the wall inside or outside of the shower. The stainless steel mounting brackets are designed to lock securely

369.99 USD

Audio Fox Undercover Wireless TV Speakers drapes over user favorite chair, allowing user to discreetly listen to the TV at a more comfortable volume. The included remote gives user complete

219.99 USD

Healthline EZee Life Non-Tilt 22-Inch Seat Aluminum Rehab Shower Commode Chair is ideal for anyone who is looking for a shower chair and commode for their home. The chair comes

499.99 USD

HealthCraft SuperPole FRS Floor Receptacle System Assist Pole is a floor mounted support pole that is specially made for care facilities. It is a portable, floor socket mounted

284.00 USD

Dycem Non-Slip Bulk Roll Matting offers superior non-slip grip that customizable to almost any surface. Cut for use in kitchens and dining rooms as placemats, cabinet liners and appliance mats

233.65 USD

Teakworks4u ADA L-Shaped Wall Mount Transfer Seat With Drop Down Legs is made with a heavy duty stainless steel frame and mounting brackets. The seat is made of solid teak

899.99 USD

A3BS Standard Anatomical Human Skeleton Model STAN is the quality model for hospitals, schools, universities and laboratories. This Manually assembled skeleton is made of durable, washable, unbreakable plastic

499.99 USD

Johnson Johnson Consumer Polysporin Ointment is an product marketed for the prevention of infections and speeding the healing of wounds. It contributes to the emergence of -resistant bacteria.

219.99 USD

Brondell Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Seat provides a cleansing, soothing personal warm water wash at the push of a button, keeping user feeling shower-fresh all day long. The Swash can

699.00 USD

Teakworks4u Wall Mount Fold Down Teak Shower Bench can be mount directly to the wall, either inside or outside of the shower. 304 stainless steel mounting brackets lock securely when

342.99 USD

Jodi-Vac XL Hearing Aid Vacuum System is a revolutionary vacuum device designed to maintain the efficiency and reliability of hearing aids. When hearing aids become burdened by dirt, moisture and

709.99 USD

Teakworks4u Corner Shower Bench is ideal for virtually every shower. It can be used inside or outside of the shower and is perfect for a support when shaving or even

225.99 USD

Ginsberg Advanced Spectrometer is used to measures the intensity of light or electromagnetic radiation at various wavelengths. Its sturdy iron base incorporates a 20cm diameter divided table with highly visible

1162.99 USD

Duralife Deluxe Dual Swing Arm Shower and Commode Chair comes with four interlocking seat supports for strength and a wide wheel base for stability. The removable back is made of

469.99 USD

Anatomical Model of Budget Functional Francis Torso features 32 body parts of both male and female. It is anatomically accurate and mounted on a base.

439.99 USD

24Inch Wall Bar Unit With Ultra Flex Hose offers trickle setting for shampoo/soap-up, anti-clog nozzles for removal of mineral deposits. It features easy-grip adjustable mechanism, push button trickle/full spray hand

209.99 USD